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When GTA5 online went live about 15 million people logged in in the first three hours. Connection problems caused hassle for a lot of people. However the majority of the problems now seem to be ironed out, leading to a much smoother gaming experience.

In this post we going to look at and top tips to get your criminal career up and running in the online GTA5 world.

1. Don’t select the first custom vehicle you find.
You have to be fast in GTA 5 Online, So you need a vehicle which matches that need. If you get a top end vehicle, it will not be accepted by the employees at Los Santos customs, so you need to try and aim somewhere in the middle.  A fast family saloon is probably best.

You should use stolen vehicles in the first few hours of the game where possible. These will attract the attention of the cops, but your wanted level will usually not go above two stars. This means you should be able to shake off the law, and gain some RP points.

2. Join a crew.
Whenever you complete a job as part of a crew you will gain bonus RP points. The strength in numbers that being part of a crew brings means that most attacks from other unscrupulous players can usually be dealt with quite quickly.

3. Try to fly between your hold-ups.
There are only a few helicopters in GTA Online. They can be found at the airport, near the flight school. They are also available on the roof of the central hospital.

You’re protected from the scum on the ground when you’re flying and it’s also a great way of initiating hold-ups. The police helicopters are only alerted when a wanted status reaches three stars and these cop copters can usually be outpaced quite easily.

4. Use mod shops.
A great way to make money is by selling cars. Los Santos customs is not only there to pimp your ride, they also buy vehicles. Usually when you steal a car, the police don’t know, so you can steal and sell them on to build up some cash early on. You can then use the money to buy a garage or apartment.

But be careful.  You can’t just keep stealing one car after another. You have to wait 48 hours of in game time between deliveries. The same is with a custom car, a garage will only accept the low or mid range vehicles, for obvious reasons. So don’t go stealing a high-end sports car and then expect to sell it for load of cash.

5. Where were mask when doing a hold-up.
This may be obvious, but people don’t do it. If you want to escape police attention more quickly, then you should wear a mask during a robbery.

As soon as you’ve completed the robbery go in to your inventory and take it straight off. This will usually result in your wanted level dropping one. If you are on a level III, and you fall to 2 stars then it calls off the cop helicopters. You can get a mask at the store on the promenade on Vespucci beach.