ultimate gta5 guide

Grand theft auto five is one massive game. You could spend the rest of your natural life investigating the world within it. To get you up and running quickly in Los Santos, here is our GTA 5 hints and tips guide.

If you want to explore another part of the map, then a quick way to get back to the mission area is to switch characters. You can also travel faster by putting a marker on the map.

A great way to explore the game early on his use a helicopter. There are several helicopters to be found around the game map.

Parachutes can be found by visiting the top of the highest mountain on the game map. The parachute is located right next to the cable car exit. Press A on the Xbox or X on the PS3 to deploy a parachutes. Do it before you hit the ground. Once it is in your inventory you will automatically carry it when you jump.


using aircraft in gta5

Airplanes In GTA5

There are a few things you can do with airplanes in game. You can fly the big jumbo jets, the 747, but not the 737 with two engines. You can do this by standing under one at the airport and pressing Y or triangle.

You can avoid gaining a wanted level at the airport if you purchase a plane hangar.

At the Mackenzie Field airstrip you can get a crop duster. They often land there. If you buy the Mackenzie field property, a twin-engine plane will spawn in the hangar.

If you want to land the plane quickly, and you can’t find a runway, then a beach or freeway is a good alternative to use.



Road Vehicles.

In terms of road vehicles, there are a few things you can benefit from early on. To get free car upgrades, buying Los Santos Customs will make all car upgrades free at that store. You can hold RT or R2 to scroll faster in the mod shop.

For a free car upgrade, make sure you pick the car you want to apply the free upgrade to before you enter Los Santos Customs during the first Simeon mission.



Money In GTA5.

To play the game to win in the long run you need to invest money. A great thing to do is to invest in one company, then carry out attacks on its rivals to make more money from the mayhem.

You can buy shares quicker by holding down X on the PS3 or A on the 360.

A fantastic way to take advantage of the stock market is to do exactly what the game tells you during an assassination mission. Look at who you are targeting and pay attention to mission dialogue, find out who their competitor is and invest. Don’t forget you can quit the mission to invest first.

Another great way to make money after the main storyline, is to save Lester’s assassination missions. These the ones he gives to Franklin only.


driving vehicles in gta5

Driving In GTA5

Now a huge part of the game is also driving – obviously. You drive doing a robbery and will spend an awful lot of time in cars during the game. The left trigger will break and the right trigger will speed the vehicle up.

To steal a car you just walk up to it  and press either Y or triangle. Be aware that the handling of the vehicle will wildly varied, so pick wisely.

The first mission casts you is Franklin and you have to steal a pair of sports cars. You have to follow the partner. Each character has special driving abilities. Franklin for example can drive in slow motion mode.


weapons cheats gta5

Weapons & Armour In GTA5.

In terms of weapons and armour, there are a few quick things you need to know.

To find full body armour you can visit the vehicle impound. Then go into the police station, and there you will find full body armour laying on the ground next the double blue doors.

To get a gun discount you need to complete all of the shooting range challenges. This will earn you a discount of everything you buy in Ammunation. It will also, obviously, raise your shooting stats.

While in Ammunation, to buy full ammo for your weapon there is a button which toggles between full ammo or just buying a clip. On the 360 it’s X on the PS3 it’s the square.

If you want a weapons cheat, then there is an exploit that will give you extra cash and weapons upgrades. During a mission go to Ammunation and by a weapon with all its upgrades. If you then kill yourself when the purchase is finalised, you will fail the mission and get all your money back. But when you go back to the store you will find upgrades are still marked down as purchased.

While on the subject of cheats, here is an easy money cheat that will help you early on in your GTA 5 game. Go to the ocean on the north side of the map. Look under water until you find a crashed airplane wreckage. There is a briefcase full of money next to it.

You’ve done nothing wrong, and the money in the case is yours. This is where the exploit comes in. When you collect the case switch to another character, and then back to the one that was swimming near the wreckage. The briefcase will reappear. You can do this as often as you want. You can then also switch between characters so they all have a ton of cash.


gta5 city map

The GTA Map.

Finally quick word about the map in GTA V. It’s massive. However to help you, it allows you to set waypoints to your next mission. Or a shop, or whatever else you fancy doing.

To set a waypoint press start to open up the map then a the 360, or X for the PS3, to enter interactive mode. Put the cursor where you want to go and press A or X again, this will set the waypoint. Get used to doing this so you don’t forget and get lost at a critical point.

If you don’t set waypoints, you’ll find yourself getting lost on the map early on. To save yourself a lot of hassle by getting used to doing it from the start.